Lochranza, North West Arran, Firth of Clyde

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At the North Western coast of Arran lies a sheltered little loch, Lochranza that offers anchorage and visitor moorings.



The Isle of Arran sits majestically in the Clyde and looks like Scotland in miniature with the North of the island mountainous and the South very much rolling hills

Moorings and anchorage

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At the North West of the Isle is Lochranza


I used this anchorage as a ‘bolt hole’ when the winds funning up the Firth of Clyde got to gale force. Heading North from Campbeltown, the wind and waves steadily increased in the tightening space between Arran and the Mull of Kintyre making Lochranza an attractive lLochranzaocation.

The entry is open but there are some drying and submerged rocks just to the south of Newton Point on the Northern side of the loch.
There are a number (2 at last count) of visitor mooring buoys to the West of the loch. These are free but donations are welcome when you get back to the mainland.
The preferred anchorage is to the North of castle ruin.
The slightly deeper water has better holding ground but requires more chain.
If you need to berth then there is a pontoon but only for short term (hours) berthing.


This is a small Scottish bay with some great views and surprisingly well supported. These are:
– A Local shop for groceries and alcohol
– A traditional restaurant
– A distillery with a shop, cafe and samples
– Water is available on the pontoon
– Calor gas and petrol are available locally in Pinmill but this is a bus or taxi ride away (unless you are good bicycle rider).

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