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If you can dry out in a bilge keeler of with legs, then the Scilly Isles are a great haven. A fin keeler can still find a good spot but Green Bay between Tresco and Bryher is a sand beach that dries out.


The Scilly Isles are about 30 nm WSW of Lands End and with an Easterly it is a steady cruise to the Islands proper.  Basking in the Cornish sun the Isles sit in the Gulf Stream giving them the feel of the Caribbean.

Scillynavcht scillyNavMap


Moorings and anchorage

This is a great all weather haven.
This pretty little bay is just off the Tresco flats in the space between Bryher and Tresco itself.
Tresco is the slightly more upmarket of the 2 islands with Bryher being a more personable place.

Scillycht ScillyMap

The anchorage is a very peaceful location with clear water and sandy bottom to rest upon.
Providing the weather holds, you can spend the whole summer in the Scilly isles and there is certainly lots of interesting sailing, pleasant views and great food to keep you interested. Summer also brings some interesting wild life with dolphins and basking sharks regular visitors.


Tresco is the second largest of the islands and a subtropical gem. It is the only one of the islands to be privately-owned and has a feel of sophistication about it.

Bryher is to the West of Tresco  and is open up to the  Atlantic on its Western coast.  On the East and off towards Tresco are some of the finest beaches in the Isles.  Bryher is a dramatic contrast to Tresco being more rugged and almost untamed Scilly.



The Scilly Isles are still well serviced despite relying on the mainland for its supplies.  The local pubs are great and there is always the potential of a Cornish Lock-in.

The main port is St Marys and offers a safe haven with a range of visitors mooring buoys and pontoons for dinghies alongside the harbour wall. Full details on harbour facilities can be found at

The port offers:

  • Marine Diesel (red diesel /gas oil)
  • Unleaded petrol (gasoline)
  • Bottled Gas
  • Pre-pack paraffin
  • Lubricants & boat care accessories
  • Laundry services
  • Boat deliveri

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